About Us

Welcome to Christ Church, here in the heart of Southport. With our doors open every day, we are certainly not just for Sundays! Christ Church is a Evangelical Anglican town-centred gathered congregation.  The core activities of Worship and Prayer are supported by a raft of programmes designed around our mission statement – Christ Church offering real hope through Jesus today.


Whether you’re looking for a local church or just visiting, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to drop in or contact us by email or telephone.


Our Christ Church Membership Resolve

Protecting Its Unity: By speaking and acting in love, avoiding gossip and supporting the leaders.

Sharing Responsibility: By praying for growth, inviting the un-churched, and welcoming those who visit.

Serving Its Ministry: By discovering my gifts and talents and developing a servant heart.

Supporting Its Witness: By attending faithfully, living a Godly life, and giving regularly and generously.

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