Home Groups

Home Groups provide a warm and friendly environment where, within a large church family, a smaller fellowship can more easily be experienced. ┬áTogether, Home Groups enjoy fellowship, explore the Bible, prayer, life experiences and tears and laughter. They grow in faith as they walk together on the Christian journey, in a place of caring, faithful friends – a place of confidentiality and support. ┬áHome Groups provide a wonderful way of getting to know people and bringing one another into the life of the church.

We currently have about 16 Home Groups, meeting different needs, different inclinations and different ages. We provide a variety of styles, locations, times and range of activities – truly something for everyone!
We encourage groups to look to outreach in the community and the wider world, to “adopt” one of our missionaries and to live out our Christian faith.

Our desire is that everyone would be attached to a Home Group in some way, even if unable to be actually there in person, but can be a source of prayerful support.

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