Tuesday at Two

Every Tuesday, 2pm at Christ Church

Tuesday at Two Programme


Summer 2018

10 April
Southport & District Schools Worker Trust
David & Hettie Taberner

17 April
Theatre Tales from a Former West End Actress
Marianne Welsh

24 April
Can’t See the Woods for the Trees!
The Woodland Trust

1 May
The Last Train to Tomorrow
Lady Milena Grenfell-Baines

8 May
‘Street Stories’ – The Curious Tales Behind Liverpool Street Names
Ken Pye

16 May
More Interesting Tales from the Mission Field
Kathryn & Stuart Broughton

22 May
The Development of Victorian Lord Street
Hilary Ambrose

29 May
The Southport Food Bank & My Story from Rough Sleeper to Manager
John Sullivan

5 June
An Afternoon of Magic
Paul Serans – Magician

12 June
Holiday or Tuesday at Two

19 June
Outing or Tuesday at Two

26 June
Around the World in Music, Song & Quiz
Eddie Vanner & Members

3 July
Keep Taking the Tablets! The Work of a Hospital Pharmacist
John Sexton

10 July
An Entertaining Afternoon
Keith Shawe & His Ukelele Minstrels

17 July
The Work of the Dogs’ Trust
Aimee Best & Four Legged Friend

24 July
Strawberry Tea

In August
Outing to Chester & Lunch at the Mill Hotel & Spa
(Date to be arranged)


Tuesday at Two is a large group of over 50s who meet weekly on Tuesday afternoons from 2-3pm at Christ Church.

How Tuesday at Two came about

What started as a fellowship of the older members of Christ Church, now welcomes friends from other churches of all denominations in and around Southport, and an increasing number of folk who don’t attend any church. Present membership is about 180, with average attendance of 80 – 100. Most are women, but there are a few men as well.

Where we meet

We meet in the Christ Church main worship area, which has comfortable seating and heating, with a microphone system which includes the loop for the hard of hearing. There is a large screen on which we can project our hymn each week, and many speakers use it during their presentations.

What happens at Tuesday at Two?

Each meeting starts with welcome and notices, giving out of birthday cards, a reading from scripture, a hymn and prayer for those in need. The leadership team includes four ladies and there are two pastoral team helpers who help visiting the sick and shut-in members, as well as attending on Tuesdays when possible. Leaders meet to pray before meetings. We value the guidance and support of the vicar and other leaders of Christ Church, particularly the leader of the Diners’ Club and Bereavement Support Group, and the outreach coordinator. Alongside our weekly programme new members are encouraged to come on a day-time Alpha Course, held once a year, and other discipleship groups.

The programme is varied so that we are all challenged, encouraged, stimulated and entertained by those who speak. Most speakers are Christians and their faith is evident even when the subject is secular. Recent subjects have included Bee-Keeping, Street Pastors, Liverpool Town Crier, Sefton Coastline, the Beatles, Chaplain to the Queen, The Shanty Kings and Inner City Chaplain (a parish link.) From time to time we have a Members’ Day, for example book reviews, or testimony time, especially from those who have renewed baptismal vows by immersion in the baptistry – the oldest was 86!

Valued Relationships

We value the relationships with overseas mission partners linked with Christ Church and support our Latin Link partner in Bolivia financially.

We have three terms in a year with brief breaks at Easter and in the summer. Each term there is an all-day coach outing, with disabled members travelling by car. About 40 members who do not go out, still meet as usual. Our annual holiday in the summer (Mon-Fri).

This year we screened four Christian DVDs on Tuesdays in August, and were pleased to welcome people who come to our Vivesco Café. A number of our members have lunch in the café before Tuesday at Two, and some attend the mid-week Holy Communion service in the church. There are a few folk who are in the early stages of dementia. Some come with family, others with carers, and we do our best to support everyone.

Tuesday at Two Knitters

Our knitters are kept busy. Many people generously buy knitting yarn to support their labours. Some make “Teddies for Tragedy”, others, including outsiders, knit vast numbers of squares for blankets to go to the International Aid Trust.  A few ladies take on the huge task of sewing them together, so those in disaster and war-torn areas can be helped.

We are also knitting up to 300 angels! These have a scripture message of Good News from Jesus, and an invitation to celebrate the first Christmas with us, attached to them. These will be give out to commuters, visitors to Southport, as well as friends and neighbours. Many of our members now live on their own, and come to find friendship, love and support in the group. We are privileged to be able to listen to those who want to share their joys and sorrows with us as leaders, so prayer hugs are often part of the get-together over a cuppa after the meeting. Sometimes we can enlist the expertise and advice of outside agencies where appropriate. We do celebrate “Big O” birthdays, so even those on their own enjoy a special party with the group singing to them and sharing cake together.

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