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Worship Team

The Worship Team at Christ Church provides musical worship for all of the regular church services held in the building. It also provides sessions to develop people’s musical ability and understanding of worship and being a worshipper.

There are several different worship bands that meet up to practice at different times. There are also ‘Worship Sessions’ held most Friday evenings for anyone to go down to and worship freely, try out new instruments, or develop their skills on instruments they already play.

The worship Team also meets up a few times a year to develop their skills or understanding of what it is to be a worshiper and to lead others into a time of musical worship.

We usually have a choir for the Christmas Carol service, or other productions put on by the church. This is also open to anyone who would like to be involved. Since 2007, there has been a Tuesday ‘Worship Development’ session mainly held for members of the church youth group who would like to learn/develop an instrument and their understanding of worship. This isn’t an open group but the leadership is happy to hear from anyone who is interested in joining.

Most of the practices and team meetings are for team members only, but the Friday sessions are open to anyone who would like to participate. The leadership is also always happy to hear from anyone who plays and instrument or sings and is interested in joining the team.

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